Courses 1, 3, 5 - Registration: 14.00 - 18.00. Finish time: 13.00

Courses 2, 4 - Registration: 10.00 - 13.00. Finish time: 18.00

Students register only once upon arrival at the first course. Students can take up to 5 consecutive courses and there is no overlap in teaching between each course.



April4 - 77 - 99 - 1212 - 1414 - 17
Biology HLBio HL
Biology SLBio SL
Business Management HLBus HL
Business Management SLBus SL
Chemistry HLChem HL
Chemistry SLChem SL
Computer Science HL/SLComp Sci HL/SL
Economics HLEcon HL
Economics SLEcon SL
English A: Language & Literature HLEng A LL HL
English A: Language & Literature SLEng A LL SL
English A: Literature HLEng A Lit HL
English A: Literature SLEng A Lit SL
Environmental Systems & Societies SLESS SL
French B HLFre B HL
French B SLFre B SL
Geography HLGeog HL
Geography SLGeog SL
German A: Literature HL/SLGerm A Lit HL/SL
History HL/SLHist HL/SL
History SLHist SL
Mathematical Studies SLMath Stud
Mathematics HLMaths HL
Mathematics HL Option: CalculusMath Opt Calc
Mathematics SLMaths SL
Physics HLPhys HL
Physics SLPhys SL
Psychology HLPsyc HL
Spanish B HL/SLSpan B HL/SL
Sports, Exercise & Health Science HLSEHS HL
Sports, Exercise & Health Science SLSEHS SL